CicaLux : The innovative device that reduces post-caesarean section scars

Updated July 24, 2020

By Malvine Sevrin

The CicaLux promise?  Improve the appearance of scars in just 60 days and without invasive procedures. Focus on an innovation made in Belgium.

A Belgian company is revolutionizing scar treatment with a unique device at the crossroads of  aesthetic care and wearable technology. The CicaLux device has been designed to reduce the appearance of scars that appear after surgery such as tummy tuck, breast surgery or caesarean section. This extremely innovative solution has already received several awards, including the gold medal at the Mom’s Choice Awards in the United States and was awarded at the 2019-2020 Victoires de la Beauté.

How it works ?

The kit consists of a silicone bandage , a basalt stone and 60  single use stress-reducing adhesive strips. Its cost ? 69€ per kit for two months of treatment

Kit cicatrisant CiCaluxCicaLux healing

The Cicalux healing device benefits from a triple technology: the action of medical silicone, thermotherapy and pressotherapy. 

The medical silicone bandage will form a kind of second skin and exert pressure on the scar. Silicone also provides natural hydration to the skin, a key factor in the healing process, and helps prevent itching and pigmentation changes. The device also includes a stone which is heated in hot water or in the microwave. This will release heat, which will help to regenerate skin tissue and will also have a soothing effect on pain.

Good to know: CicaLux acts on all types of scars, old or recent, hypertrophied or keloid. The silicone sheets are washable and reusable and can be worn day and night.

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kit cicalux

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kit cicalux

Thanks for your interest in CicaLux

Your Free Shipping Coupon Code is:  CICAFREE 

kit cicalux

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