Don’t be afraid to massage your C-section scar

I recently had the opportunity to attend midwifery workshops on the healing of caesarean sections in Paris as well as in the provinces because I wanted to discover the latest techniques for improved scar care and pain management. I met several midwives to ask questions about proposed solutions and emerging problems. The problem of scar healing remains a concern. Besides scar therapy products such as silicone sheets, scar massage was a highly recommended therapy that midwives suggest for their patients. Yet midwives reported that patients are reluctant and afraid of touching and massaging their closed and dry scar. 

Reading more on the subject, I have learned massaging scar tissue is indeed highly beneficial and contributes to reduced adhesions and better healing. There are several massage tools to help you but for me heat therapy is the one I prefer. And yes, I’ve experienced it myself. After my second birth, I received a wonderful gift: 1 hour of massage! I chose the hot stone massage and it was a delight! The hot basalt stones warm the tissue and prepare them by dilating the blood vessels allowing more effective deep massage of tissue while simultaneously relieving pain. 

Massaging and touching your C-section scar only weeks after surgery may seem counterintuitive and be uncomfortable. Yet if the scar is well closed, has no crust, has no bleeding or infection, then it is recommended to massage it – especially if you feel pain and tightness and/or have frequent urination. The pain and tightness commonly felt after a short run, swimming, yoga, lifting, sneezing, sex etc. may come from adhesions between layers of tissue. During the healing process, it is important to mobilize the scar tissue to make it more elastic and prevent the creation of adhesions. The presence of “abnormal” fibrous tissue and adhesions inhibits vascularization and movement of lymphatic and blood fluids. So ladies, keep that tissue mobilized through massage therapy for better scar outcomes. 

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